Information about the region - Quick Guide 


Agia Efimia is the centre of municipal unit Pylaros. The beautiful and full of contrasts Pylaros is stretching from the Gulf of majestic Myrtos beach to the shores of Agia Efimia, between the mountains Agia Dynati (1,131 m) and Kalon (900 m). Its geographical location and direct access to main roads of Kefalonia, makes it an ideal base for exploring the island.
Pylaros is dotted by small villages, each one of them with it's own history. Of special interest is Drakopoulata, a traditional village-resort with lots of pre-seismic buildings and remarkable architecture. In Makriotika, the head village of Pylaros, is the Museum of Olive of Pylaros while in Potamianata is the historic monument, the chapel of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady Kourvisiana) and next to the statue of Marinos Antypas, there is under renovation the pre-seismic windmill of "Sokari". In Ferentinata there are raised the remains of the belfry of Christ and at Dendrinata village at the church of Saint Constantine there is an old wooden temple of great value. Divarata, near the famous beach of Myrtos there is a passage to Erissos (Assos, Fiskardo). Divarata hosts the Multicenter of Pylaros "Themos Potamianos", a cultural center-jewel of the region.
Mirtos beach is the trademark of the island. It will charm the visitor at first sight, while the crystal waters of Agia Efimia (Beach Agia Efimia and area of "Gyros") are ideal for swimming and relaxing in the sun. 
In Pylaros there are monasteries, churches and chapels with remarkable architectural and cultural value such as the Monastery of Yperagias Theotokou, founded in the late 10th century and located on Mount Agia Dynati amidst a majestic forest of ancient oaks, known as "Pournarodasos, Moni Anatolikou or Antelikou". It's in the way to Erissos and dedicated to the Koimisi of Theotokou. Other churches are the Church of Ypapandi at Anomeria and the Church at Sia
The three (3) hiking paths with a special marking and mapping go across Pylaros and offer the visitors an alternative way to explore Pylaros.
These are: 
  • Walking Path "Agia Efimia-Mirtos" 
  • Walking Path "Drakopoulata Monastery of PAnagia Thematon Agia Dynati - Makriotika" 
  • Walking Path "Agia Efimia - Tarkasata"

Turistic port of Agia Efimia

The port of Agia Efimia offers the following services:

  • Providing water and electricity
  • Full fire protection system
  • Binding vessels
  • Update by radio to vessels calling
  • Access for people with disabilities
  • Free Internet (WiFi - Hotspots)


The beauty of the coast of Pylaros is not limited to the unique and famous Myrtos which is 8 kms from Saint Efimia. In the location Gyros - extending the shoreline of Agia Efimia - and all along the route from Agia Efimia by Sami, there are several small and beautiful beaches.

Recommended Sites to visit:

Holy Theotokos Monastery THEMATA

The monastery was founded in the late 10th century and is located on Mount Agia Dynati among a fascinating forest of ancient oaks, called Pournarodasos. You access it by a wide paved road, enabling visitors to enjoy the spectacular views.

It's located about 5km from Agia Efimia.

Lake Mellisani

The underground lake Melissani, located in Karavomylos, just outside Sami at a distance of 5km from Agia Efimia. Today's visitors arrive to the lake from an underground tunnel and have the opportunity to explore by boat and guide.

Drogarati Cave

Cave Drogarati is located in the village Haliotata just outside Sami, 9km from Agia Efimia. It is an impressive cave, that it's age is according to calculations by cavers, about 150 million years.


In the northern part of Kefalonia, you can find the picturesque and cosmopolitan village and port of Fiskardo. It was not destroyed by the devastating earthquake of '53. It is located about 20km from Agia Efimia.


The Assos is a beautiful and picturesque village at the Northen part of the island. The Assos peninsula hosts a Venetian castle. It lies about 12 km from Agia Efimia.